Vertical hanging carriers of seeded trays rotate on a conveyor around the growing unit so that each plant receives equal light and air distribution. We can grow product in natural or artificial light, above or below ground. In the rotation, the carriers cycle by a station where water and nutrients are dispersed. This entire process is controlled by a computer system and can be accessed via the internet.


Smaller Footprint. The vertical stacking of the product greatly reduces the space required: 16 acres of conventional farming can be grown on a 1/8 acre footprint.

Cost Savings. The patented growing system requires 90% less water, 80% less nutrients, using no pesticides or herbicides. We are able to grow LIVE fresh organic produce year round, in urban cities, employing local community members, who will consume our locally grown food, all while reducing our carbon footprint and our dependency on oil. Today produce travels on average of 1400 miles before consumption (USDA), think about that!!!!

Supports The Local Economy. Product is grown in and around urban cities, providing local jobs in the community.

No Seasons. Because our produce is grown in a controlled environment it is not at the mercy of weather or seasonal changes. Fresh produce can be delivered continuously throughout the year.

Proprietary. Worldwide hotels have shown interest in building our growing units on-site based on costs to import produce and as an education factor. Theme parks have shown interest in growing their own produce as well and our defense industry has shown interest in a proprietary solution for reasons of security on our 600 military bases.

Meet Market Demands Quickly. Because we are not confined to the limitations of traditional growing we can adjust or pivot our growing cycles every thirty days.


We have combined technology and hydroponics to create our patented High Density Vertical Growing System. Our first growing unit will be built in Southern California and we will be producing greens in Q3 of 2014.

We plan on implementing Urban Produce farms all over the U.S. and worldwide. Our patented growing technology will change the way produce is grown and consumed while reducing the carbon footprint, employing local workers all while bringing fresh produce back to the local communities.

Urban Produce, farming is growing “UP”

The concept behind our High-Density Vertical Growing System has garnered considerable attention as an answer for many of the food issues facing the 21st century.

Because our produce is grown locally it saves on delivery costs and allows a much fresher product to go to market.